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01 August 2007


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I got the new podcast now finally. I'd like to have seen Ryan's Fancy. I keep thinking about Sean with his own radio show too. One part could be Newfoundland issues and the other part could be for the kids. They could stream it online so everybody could listen. That would be so sweet.

Zoos are weird places for shows. If they want to raise money why not donate space some place else for a concert that would benefit the zoo? I bet it bugs some of the animals a lot.

Nice pictures. I can see the blue in Sean's eyes. Nobody has a face like Alan's face. Stupid mic but what a cute look that still shows.

Want me to add to my list for places to go around London now you know you've got free time?


Does Alan have any face you don't think is adorable?! j/k I think so too!

I'd really like to see a Stateside GBS show one day. Here people are OTT over GBS but they do have expectations.

Someone needs to tell Alan 4 days away is okay, more is okay too. They grow up fast but not in the blink of an eye.

Have fun in Europe!!! Don't get lost. :D


Niiiiiice piccies. What did David think about Zoo Tunes?

Sorry to take so long to answer. I was up to my eyebrows in more pictures.

Add away about London, Laura. I have a list and a travel book I am taking with me when I fly out to Boston on Tuesday, I'm hoping to have my own Wish List for where to go done by the time I hit St. John's on whatever day the 11th is. Then we fly out on the 12th. I'm really getting excited about this.

Carole, I will be fine about not getting lost except for when I am by myself. Then you can count on it. But so far I always get found again, and it's one way to meet some very nice people, I have discovered.

I have said this so much I am sure some are sick of hearing it, but it is still worth repeating: I wish every Canadian could see GBS at a small US show and every American could see GBS at a huge Canadian show. Both kinds of shows, and all the kinds that are in-between, are part and parcel of who they are and what they do. I wish I could see a few of their corporate shows, myself.

Alan's face is simply adorable to me, so no offence taken at your poke, Carole. I remember one time he was all pissed off and going on and the whole time I was trying so hard not to let what I was thinking show on my own face; what I was thinking was, "God he is so cute when he's all pissed off and going on." Even a few times when I have been of a mind to give him a swift kick in his lovely arse, I have still thought him adorable.

Kelly, David really hit the nail on the head with how he reacted to the ZooTunes show. What he said was, and I quote, "It was like the first time we saw them at Bumbershoot." What makes this such an interesting comment is how many times David has seen GBS since then.

Most people don't realise this, but after me, David is still probably the second-most-frequent GBS show attendee, having seen them something like 70 times, although way less lately. This show was the first time he had seen GBS since the shows last Labour Day Weekend.

Once this show started, it was OK, but the lineup was less than fun, for me at least. As much as David really likes a group of the Seattle-show regulars, there is almost always at least one GBS fan around who it really is better to try to make sure he does not have to deal with, though I must confess that the passage of time has proved his judgements in that regard to be far better than my own...I have learned the hard way to listen to his assessments of GBS fans. And at least this time he had a work buddy there too and he also was gone for hours trying to find us a second "legal height" lawn chair - efforts to no avail, unfortunately, which is why I wound up sitting on the frigging ground for three hours.

In some ways, I really wish I could insulate and protect him, and everyone else I care about, from GBS fans in general. My own experience is that for all of the genuinely great people I have met in that group, there is also an inordinate number of nasty and vicious and generally fucked-up GBS fans - in spite of all the HappyLand pretensions - and I do not trust very many of them anymore, especially not with the well-being of someone I care about. On occasion he has had some despicably cruel things said to him, and more ugly shit has been said behind his back by the hate-their-own-lives assholes. So lineups with him and those fans are not my favourite way to spend time, nor are they his, for that matter. It made for a long day.

Since David has seen GBS a lot, he's also seen a lot go on with them while he has been seeing him. For him to say this show reminded him of that show six years ago says a lot about how GBS played the ZooTunes show. Says it a hell of a lot more succinctly than I ever could too.

Oh, and he loved Straight To Hell. Just like I told him he would. But he was disappointed not to be able to hear Walk On The Moon and Hold On For Your Life live, though he's sure heard and seen the videos. He's been hearing about Walk On The Moon from me for nearly four years now.

Sad news about Carbon Leaf and Scott, isn't it? Damn, and damn again,

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