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09 July 2007


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Want to run it by me again why I shouldn't think this outcome sucks? Why I'm not supposed to wish you'd kicked the guy in the shins instead? Oh yeah you're being mature. I guess I should follow suit.

Sean could be a great radio host! He could have a show that was about issues and music. That would be fantastic. He'd be good with a kids show too, with lots of goofy voices.

The pic of Alan is splendid. Some people were born to be in spotlights and Alan's one of 'em.

Gossip boy sounds like a first class loser.


I wouldn't want my sister or GF walking around by herself at night in Fort Mac. I don't like being there much myself. There's some hard cases there now. Best you stick with Edmonton, Lynda. Let me know if you change your mind about the FF.


What a pretty Alan! He looks good in the blue lijhts.

Better safe than sorry with Ft McMurray, just make up for missed shows by having a wonderful time in Europe! More pretty Alans would be great too. Do you know why they don't have Denmark on the tour schedule? Haven't the tickets gone on sale already?

Didn't you get any comments about Bob's soundtrack blog and your answer? I noticed he didn't get hardly any comments over there either. I think the description of Helmet Head scared the shit out of all the happy shiney people.


Stephen, I can understand why you'd think that. Best answer I can give is that I'm happy about my choices and this is me being who I am, as you well know. Not sure if that makes me mature or not, only that I've got no regrets. But thanks for caring - I do appreciate the concern.

Laura, you're right about a children's show too. I never thought of that. Sean does some great voices, and I bet he'd get a kick out of that too.

Alan and the spotlight were made for each other, in any and all colours. I hope he always has exactly the amount of spotlight he wants for his entire life.

Alex, thanks for the backing-up info about Fort Mac. I guess I'll have to wait for a travelling partner before I go there again. Calgary is almost certainly a no this time around, but I think I will brave it there for next year's Junos. No way can Alan miss two Juno Cups in a row, or at least so I hope. And if Sexsmith can show up in two consecutive Juno Songwriters' Circles, then there's got to be hope for Alan to be in another one after skipping a year. I'll hope even more for that.

For this, I will face up to my Fear Of Calgary in a heartbeat. Or maybe I'll go to GBS's Calgary show this time on the next tour. Either way, I am sure I'll be there soon enough.

A very pretty Alan indeed, Carole, inside as well as outside. For sure I'll get pictures in Europe, and no I don't know why Tonder is not up on the GBS schedule. Tickets have been on sale for a week or two.

I've noticed their official site is a bit lackadaisical when it comes to tickets for which there will be no presale (and thus no collection of presale fees), but you'd think Tonder would be up by now, wouldn't you? Though maybe some last bit of contract signing has not yet been finished - an undotted 'i' or uncrossed 't' still out there, perhaps.

I checked out the comments on Bob's last journal entry and they do seem a bit muted, but there wasn't much said about his prior entry either. No, not a word here in response to the same issue. I can see how his description of Helmethead might cause some consternation among the "GBS Exists For The Sole Purpose Of Being My Happy Place" contingent. Good. Can't think of many groups who are more richly deserving of a hefty dose of consternation. On a regular basis, if at all possible.

When you look back at how Great Big Sea handled their board, can you honestly blame anyone who goes along with the dumb chatter and games on the OKP instead of talking about anything more substantial? Can you?!?

Thanks for the vids.

You're welcome for the videos. There are a lot more to come, eventually.

And, no, I can't blame anyone, partly because blaming rarely accomplishes anything constructive and partly because...well, partly because I'd have to be way more stunned than I am not to get your point.

To let go of a jerks behavior Lynda you could try this:

Think about not caring anymore about what someone else has done.

Feel how good that will feel.

Imagine actually releasing those feelings. See them disappear.

When it comes to mind simple push it away know that those feelings are gone.

I personally also try to stay out of the OKP because I find it a little down no matter what I am trying to release.

Have a good one, I hope you enjoy all the summer music coming your way.


Hey Mary - Yes, I know a lot of people who are firm believers in the effectiveness of that kind of visualisation process, so there's got to be something to it. Might take a bit more mental discipline than some of us presently have, though.

I think what got to me with this guy was twofold: First, I really did think he was a sweet man. It's one thing when a known jerk says shitty things (and there was more to this conversation that was ugly and unpleasant than just the lie-repeating about me...it was pretty thoroughly assholish overall) because that's expected. But if you thought someone was nice and they turn out to be a jerk, it's a bit harder to take.

But that's only part of it. I think the biggest part for me was the simple fact that he doesn't know me from Adam. Again, it's one thing to me if someone who actually knows me decides they don't like me or even that they can't stand me. Even if those feelings wind up being centred around a lie, there is still a personal connection, albeit a negative one.

But to say shitty things about someone you do not even know (I've talked to this man casually maybe 3 or 4 times for minutes at a time, that's it), someone who by definition can't have ever done a thing to you, not even irk you or piss you off, is something that makes my opinion of him plummet. It's the same as how I feel when people take pleasure in saying shitty things about celebrities they don't and will never know. That's the kind of gossip I think serves as an outlet for all the shit the gossiper carries inside himself or herself, since it sure as hell has no other connection to their own lives.

Whch is a wordy way of saying I think him a petty little bastard, I suppose. Doing his gossiping with fans just makes him a stupid petty little bastard.

Still like the band's music though. No way I let the twerp take that away. Next time I see them, I'm pretty sure I won't be hoping he trips over his guitar cord.

I still skim the OKP because I still get worthwhile info there, especially in regard to travel. No call to go through the game threads or the threads about surgical procedures or recipes or what makes people happy, so it makes for a quick enough read. And I always check the main site for a new journal entry from Alan, from Bob too.

I think for the most part, GBS (collectively) has what it wants from the OKP. It's banal, and nobody is pissed. The people who are the type to get pissed yelled and screamed (in all of their multiple identities, in some cases) to have things changed. And now that things are changed, the people who don't like how it is now aren't the type to yell and scream and make up second and third and fourth voices to get their points across...instead, they are far more likely to do what you and others do, Mary, and walk away from it, or do what I do - shrug about it and skim for whatever of value I can find there.

Peace at any price isn't usually much fun. But it sure makes the OKP safe and easy to ignore, doesn't it?

Thanks for the good wishes for music this summer. I'm looking forward to all of it, especially Europe. I love seeing GBS in new places, in front of new people. Then again, I love seeing them most everywhere else too.

And I get to see the Rosetta Stone and Hadrian's Wall and Stonehenge. That's almost too cool to believe yet. My Mom talked about wanting to see the Rosetta Stone since I was about 5, back when it seemed as unlikely as our being able to go to the moon. Or to walk on it.

You have a good summer too, Mary, the little ones (not so little in Beth's case) too.

I know what you mean it is always easy too ignore a jerk. That is why I found it easy to walk away from the OKP.

I still check the GBS home page for journals as well. I like the photos on the front page sometimes as well.

The little ones leave for camp tomorrow so Beth the not so little and I are going to have some fun.

Enjoy Europe it will be a blast I am sure and I hope you get some awesome photos.


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