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17 May 2017


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Please know that I look forward to this as much as I look forward to wishing Alan a Happy Birthday me-self! :)

Thank you for not only another amazingly well written entry but for the accompanying photo/video recap of another wonderful year of Alan and his music.

Also thank you for the sharing of all/most of your videos on the Facebook fan club(s) and youtube. I never miss one of his shows that are near me or near where I happen to be but I certainly don't get to them all or as many as you. Please know each one is TREASURED!!

Thank you again. Have a most wonderful day.

May you continue writing and Alan continue having birthdays for as long as I live.

Thanks so much for the kind words, John. It always means a great deal to hear when people enjoy the vids and/or pics (and the words!). I've finally gotten this one finished (unless I realize later I forgot something). Here's hoping you live for a very long time, for multiple reasons. :D

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