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11 March 2010


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Hurry up and get the new song uploaded lol.

I cant wait til RH premiers.

He's coming - in about another hour or so. I started uploading him the second I walked into the hotel room. I've got a decent connection here and I am not leaving this room till that video is uploaded, just in case something goes awry. When this one is done, then I'll set the others going to upload and finally get out and grab a bite to eat. I'm starving and all I've got left in my bag is Reese's Pieces.

I am very enthusiastically looking forward to May 14th too. What a great few-days-early birthday present that will be for Alan.

Okay, your first sentence of reply to Mary had me giggling. All I could think of was - Wow, that's impressive! But then again, if you start uploading a guy the second you walk in the room...

I'm also laughing at your barely taking time out to eat, due to your slaving over a hot upload. Got to admire your dedication. All silliness aside, thank you so much for all the latest goodies, especially the trailer *sigh*. Waiting with bated breath to see the rest.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madtown.

Finally--a trailer where Alan TALKS!! Thanks for posting it; I can't wait for this movie!

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