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17 July 2009


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Your alive and there's pix of Seannie! :-o *dies* *ressurrects and cheers* :D Luverly pix but why is Seannie so shiny in the one? Is he well lubed? :P

Have fun and get rest @ home. The world won't end if the projects done get finished. Let it go let it go let it go.

It's nice to 'hear' from you again. I guess you aren't gonna answer my question from last? S'ok :P


Ohhh yeeeaaaahhh Alan you hottie. Wow. I still miss hearing from Alan but at least now I'm not missing seeing him as much. Pretty pretty pictures. Thankee verrah much :-)

There's 2 reasons why bloggers suddenly get quiet. Either they're too busy having a great time or too busy having a shitty time. It's good to hear it's the first one for you and let's hope the same's true for Alan. For Sean and Bob too. Happy Summer to one and to all.

Did you hear Sarnia sold out already? Sheezus I hate waiting for seat assignments.

That was a welcome Sat surprise-- it's been too long w/o pix. Now you've got me anticipating Rocktober lol. You're begging the question, though. What was the *first* thing you noticed about Alan Doyle? His flowing locks? Green eyes? I bet it was his smile.

I saw the link you sent to Murph about Russ's cricket commentating. Gawd he did great didn't he? Whomever wrote it *gets* Russ, all the way up to the seductive voice. *grins* I don't read all the crapola that gets written about Russ, most just the stuff that Murph links. I just can't take the BS in most of the rest of it.

You follow the Ladies too don't you? Have you heard they dumped their old management to go with a new player? Big changes afoot for the guys.

I would not be averse to more welcome surprises. :D

Helloooo, you handsome man you (handsome men- Sean looks good too!). We've all missed you. Splendid photos, Lynda. You do amazing work with your little camera my dear. Keep it up and make the most of your time at home!

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