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21 July 2009


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I'm glad Alan's grand detour has worked out great for him. He took a chance and he makes it sound like it was sure worth it. And we get to see the movie too. Yay! :) Maybe he liked it so much he'll want to do more acting. I read that Russell Crowe is doing a sequel to Master and Commander soon. Maybe Alan could be in that and go out to sea for real. How cool would that be? He aquitted himself well on the TV show too. I liked the Celine Dion comparison best of all.

I like complicated people. They are like food that's seasoned witb a range of spices so you can't pick out one more than the other, it all blends into a new flavour. Sometimes that food gives you indigestion and sometimes complicated people are a PITA too lol. It's all good in the end though, and worth it.

I agree with Alan about Canada. I think it's the best country in the world too. Not perfect, just best. It's always great to hear from him on TV or his FTR's.

Hey when did GBS add a second Cape show? It's not listed at the Melody Tent. Is it the day before Hyannis and where do I get tickets? Or you didn't mean Cohassett did you cause that's *not* on the Cape!

Hi Stace - no, as far as I know there are no other shows in Cape Cod; the Hyannis show is still the first one on the schedule. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression - even I know that Cohasset's not on the Cape (though I did not know this before the show was scheduled there...I had never heard of Cohasset before that, I must confess). What I said was in reference to what Alan had written in his journal entry, not a comment about some new show having been added. Again, sorry to lead you astray.

Mary, that is a delicious (pun most definitely intended) analogy, though how about going with heartburn as the metaphor instead of indigestion? Caring about complicated people can indeed at times scorch the tender heart, not unlike how even those with the most sophisticated palates find that some spicy, complex foods can at times create their own burning sensations within. And always worth it, so much so...I do agree. Absolutely lovely metaphor - the next time I eat Indian food, it will surely come back to me and put a smile on my face.

I think it is great when a person can genuinely believe that the country of his or her own birth is the best country in the world. It seems like that would be a really cool way to grow up and live.

Yes, I agree again - it is always great to hear from Alan, whatever the medium, though I have always been quite partial to his writing. He did do extremely well on that CBC show, something for him to be very deservedly proud of. I'm sure proud of how well he did. Still working on getting the entire show in share-able format.

Annie, I earnestly hope Alan's Celine Dion comparison hits home right where it needs to be hitting, because it is an excellent one. For all that there might still be some who claim that "Frog" is a harmless little word to use to describe those who are French, it would certainly never be used to describe (or, God forbid, to introduce) her, regardless of any attempts to argue for its fundamental inoffensiveness. Here's hoping a few will see the good sense in Alan's point.

If he winds up having enjoyed it enough to do more of it, I'd love to see Alan act more. I am betting he wound up discovering that he is really good at it, and he knows by now what hard (and at times boring) work it truly can be, so his decision would be a well-informed one.

Whatever makes him happy, wherever, whenever, sure works for me. I believe he can do most anything well that he sets his mind to doing, so who am I to quibble with any of his choices? Well, except for hoping that he keeps writing. He is so damn good at that, quibbling really should be allowed, if need be. Sky's the limit for whatever else, though, the moon and the stars as well.

He has the hair for M&C, that is for sure. I'm glad so many people are thrilled about the potential for a sequel to that film, though it is not one of my personal favourites of Russell's films. If Russell does wind up doing a sequel, I would love to see where the surviving LA Confidential characters wound up - it seems like there could be a fascinating story there. That would get me really excited. Other than that, I think I'll keep right on hoping Dirt Music comes next. Which reminds me, I still need to finish that book.

I'll try my best to respond to the comments on the previous post later tonight or tomorrow. I'm running late right now but should have more time after I go do what I am already late for.

Oh wow, I didn't expect you so soon again. Thank you! for the FTR notice. I rarely go to the site any more so I don't know unless you tell me and I never want to miss Alan's FTR's.

Oooh la la, that picture. Looking at it makes me a little weak all over, weak in a good way. :)

Good show posting the CBC segments. I wish they'd bother to show stuff like this on the national feed. Alan did good. It's good to see him stand up and speak out like this instead of staying quiet. I'll watch the whole show when you get it up somewhere, looking forward to it.

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