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28 July 2009


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This is cool! thank you! Good on ya for learning a new program. I hate having to do that too but it feels great when I get it mastered. :)

What a great quote about Alan! I never thought I'd consider about giving Russell Crowe a hug but there you go. It just shows you never know lol.

Good idea putting Mothers Cross on You Tube. I'm not crazy about downloading files ever since I got smacked by a virus and lost my hard drive to it. This way I can enjoy with no risk.

Do you have any idea when we'll EVER get out seat assignments for the upcoming shows? It's been a month-and-a half and still no word at all. :(

I love all the old TOFOG stuff but I gotta agree it's a step above what Russ writes with Alan. I wish they'd play shows here in the USA.

Thanks for Tubing this. I can't download anything on my computer so I always miss out. I love getting to listen this time! Lovely! :D

Hey Lynda didja see Russell Crowe signed on for his next film? Some remake of a Frecnh movie, begins in September. He's not taking a big break after RH is he?

I guess Lyricsgate setteled down LOL. Mix fans with the internet = misunderstanding. *shrugs* It's a dependable recipe.

Damn GF you guys are melting there. Stay cool!!


If Lynda doesn't answer it may be because she melted. It was over 100 degrees yesterday where she lives. :o

I saw the RC news today too, oh boy. The original movie looks intriguing, if maybe a little implausible. I'll wager the emphasis in this is more on the moral battle less on the jail breakout thrills.

If Alan recorded the new song on his new software program it's a keeper. The sound is great even via You Tube.


Hi Lynda. I'm having trouble sleeping tonight and spending the pre dawn hours going through pictures and videos here. Not a bad way to have insomnia.

What brought you and your blog to mind was a conversation with an acquaintance (friend is a stretch) about you. I'm a cynic and even I have trouble believing how long some go on hating and telling tall tales about somebody they don't even know.

I'll admit I'm surprised you didn't flit off to the UK during the film shoot. NTTAWWT is you did. I was kinda hoping you would. Film at 11. ;-p

Unless something changes last minute I don't think I can make it to any of the shows. That's a busy time for me right as school starts. Maybe something will work out and maybe I'll try harder when we find out if there's an opener or it it's all them. I don't have much interest in openers.

Thanks for all the photos and videos. I bet you dont get thanked by 1/10th of those who beneifit from what you do. Worst of all are the ones who trash you while eagerly opening every pic and vid. Greedy hypocritical basterds. I get cranky when I can't sleep.

Alan and Russell Crowe didn't seem likely to have such a strong collaboration songwriting. Nobody could've predicted it I don't think. They owe it to themselves to take time to write more if togehter and if nobody will produce the album he should go ahead and do it himself. Why stand on pride when it stops the music from getting heard? Sell it at home. We'll buy it by the hundreds.

There's a new movie after Robin Hood it looks like. I wonder if there's a part in it for Alan? He could be the guy who flies the helicopter into the prison. :D Seriously I wonder if he'll want to act more now. It's such a pisser that we have to wait nearly a year to see RH. What kind of stupid delay is that?

I don't know about that film, Kath, but I am sure hoping Alan finds ways to be involved in future films, acting and/or otherwise. Whatever he chooses.

I think (not sure - no expert at all when it comes to the film industry) that Robin Hood is expected to be a big summer blockbuster film. Since they had to film it during this summer to get the "Sherwood Forest" in full leaf, that means it has to wait until the subsequent summer for release. I think. I am most thoroughly and delightfully bemused by the thought of Alan having a co-starring rule in the Big Summer Blockbuster Film of 2010. How frigging cool is that? Quite a coup for the Petty Harbour Boy who once gave flowers to Bo Derek.

Roger, I bet plenty of Newfoundlanders would indeed buy a Russell/Alan CD. Given all the shit he's taken about his music, I can see why Russell would be reluctant to self-produce, though I can also see your argument for music over pride. The industry isn't anywhere near as label-dominant anymore these days, especially for someone who can attract his own press and create his own PR. Or so it would seem.

By the end of the Australia TOFOG tour in 2005/06, I was hoping so much that they would go back into the studio (or the metal shed) and re-record the MHMH songs as those songs had evolved in the live performances. I love My Hand, My Heart as it is, but what that music became over the course of the tour was something I really, truly believe had a chance to break through and be heard. They had become a hell of a band and the arrangements got better and better as they went along.

I will never stop kicking myself for lacking the balls (metaphorically speaking, of course) to just video or record them at some of those shows. I do have a couple of muted recordings from one of the last Vanguard shows (muted because I was cravenly hiding the camera in my bag and letting it video with sound and no picture), but if I had known for sure there would be no more of their shows for such a long time as it has been, I would have just gone ahead and done it. I should have just gone ahead and done it. But I was always so afraid it would piss off Russell and Alan would be blamed since I was there because of him.

Although when Elvis Costello joined then on stage that one night and I realised the photos would suck without use of the previously forbidden flash, I managed to find enough of a backbone then to do what needed to be done. Too bad I didn't find that backbone earlier and stop tiptoeing around Australia like a scalded cat. That was music that was worth saving. They filmed a shitload of it, but to what avail? Who has ever gotten a chance to hear how good it was?

As a pair of skilled songwriters once said....I'd rather regret the things I've done than the things I didn't do. I wish they'd follow their own advice too. I wish they'd put a real CD out, one way or another, however it needs to happen. But then again, I am still wishing for those solo GBS CDs too.

Darce, look at it this way...it impacts me not a bit if someone, even someone nasty and repellent, looks at my photos and watches videos. So why give a shit one way or another? And I sure don't let my own contempt or disdain for the photographers get in the way of whatever I want to look at either.

They've already announced their opener for most of the Ontario run - Jeremy Fisher is going out with them for the first shows, but not Belleville or St Cats - I think those two are just GBS. Musically, I love the pairing. In terms of the social dynamics, I find it more than a little troubling, but I don't know any way to make that part of it better by picking a different opener. I think that is just going to be what it is, regardless. You get cranky late and night and I get worried, I suppose.

Well, I said from the start that I wouldn't go to the UK unless there was some official show of one kind or another, that anything else would be purely intrusive. Wales sure would have been beautiful to see, but Wales will be just as beautiful to see when it is not also an intrusion on people working hard to get their jobs done. Right now I am getting ample pleasure in hearing Alan's tales of roughing it on the beach with his Boy Pack.

I have said it umpteen times before and will probably say it umpteen times again...by and large, people believe what they want to believe. If they embrace hate, then hate is what they want to feel, for reasons that I'd really rather not have to have anything to do with.

I'm glad to help bring a bit of pleasure to your insomnia, Darce, but I hope you're sleeping better now.

That heat sucked, Stephen, and so not in the good way. Felt like I was back in Southern California, which was bad enough, but my poor Pac NW-born-and -bred cats came unglued. They kept coming up to me with that "Do something!" look of desperation. Talk about guilt-inducing.

So we hauled the evaporative coolers out of the garage where they've been since we cleared out my Mom's house and I ran those damn things for 2 days straight, refilling the water reservoirs every few hours. And Jesse sprawled out in front of the big one the whole time - he really had a hard time with the heat, poor pissy old fart.

I am so glad it is over now. All-time-record heat wave had better mean it does not happen again for a very long time.

I hope the new film can keep a focus on the moral/character part of the story. But with all the pressure these days to make it bigger! louder! faster! I'm not so sure. I know Russell will do an excellent job with his own role; what course the overall movie winds up taking remains to be seen. It sure does sound like an idea with potential.

I too noticed the good sound and wondered what Alan recorded Mother's Cross on/with. If that is his Logic Pro software, it's pretty darn good, especially the sound of his guitar.

No, Laura, Russell isn't taking much of a break between films, but it's still more of a break than Alan will get before heading into the fall GBS tour dates. Though this is nowhere near as gruelling as what he did in January of 2006 - he went directly from shows with Russell's band in Australia into the full tour for The Hard and The Easy in Canada, no rest at all. It was an unbelievably brutal schedule. Comparatively, this is a walk in the park. I think it might be a short shoot for Russell too; he might have this one all wrapped up before Christmas.

I like the timing of this film. It takes place while Alan is on the road with GBS, which might possibly leave them both with some free time afterwards to do something together. Songs, films, hanging at the Blind Rabbit Pub, whatever...I'm not fussy.

I'll agree that the fundamental disconnect from/disregard for reality that's at the foundation of much of fandom can lead to plenty of misunderstandings, even more so when the faceless anonymity of the internet is tossed into the mix, but neither fandom nor internet users are the only ones who fall victim to such circumstances. We all misunderstand one another at some times - written word, spoken word, no words at all. It's an inescapable part of the human condition. Though I will take this opportunity to suggest yet again the inestimable value of an Irony Font in the prevention of at least some future misunderstandings.

Hello, Melanie. You are very welcome. I know some people won't or can't download even relatively small files. YouTube is the perfect solution and I am glad you got a chance to enjoy this beautiful song.

Diane, I think it's safe to say a whole lot of others are wishing for those shows too, and not only in the US.

Jenn, if you should ever get the chance for that hug, I hope I am there to see it. I might even take a picture.

The seat assignments do appear to be taking quite some time, don't they? I know I'm not exactly a rah-rah gbs.com fan, but as best I can tell, the presale people have consistently done good work, judging from the low levels of resultant bitching, which seems a fairly reliable measure, given the customary response patterns. So my first assumption is that the delay is due to circumstances beyond the control of the presale people.

I really do think they have to wait for either the venues or the promoters to send them the tickets before they can do a thing about the seating assignments. As a general rule, I am decidedly unimpressed by what I've seen of the efficiency (and lack thereof) of many venues and most promoters. I think the gbs.com people will get the tickets out as soon as it's possible for them to do so. And it's not like there isn't plenty of time until the shows, one advantage of having a presale so far ahead of the show dates.

Annie, I hate having to learn new stuff on the computer and this was no exception. The cats high-tailed it out of my office quickly when they heard the cursing begin. Smart kitties. I wish I could have high-tailed it out of there too. But it got done, slowly and at the most basic level, but done nonetheless. The song can be heard without downloading, which was all I wanted to accomplish in the first place.

Not so sure it felt great to get it done - "relieved" is a more apt description. It's occurring to me a bit belatedly that I could use the same procedure to put other audio-only files up on YouTube, including the LA HOB songs with Russell and GBS, along with those recorded-on-the-sly Vanguard TOFOG tracks. More fun things to do later. Right now, it is time for bed.

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