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15 June 2007


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Thank you again for the Irish Descendants coverage. They're a gret band and I hope they come back to being as popular as they used to be.

It was a weird show. Some parts were good and other parts weren't what I expected. The GBS segment felt rushed and off the cuff. I hoped they'd do more about the hot political issues and music but they did way too much dumb stuff with Jeff as usual. Singing with the children was cute, I liked that part a lot.

I asked my father what he wants to do for Fathers Day and he said go shoot pool. Okay, whatever makes him happy. Happy Fathers Day to Alan, Bob, and Sean too!


Hi Lynda! I've been meaning to say thanks for what you do here. I love the pictures and info. The Canada A.M. show made me want to visit newfoundland so bad! I think I'm gonna get this CD too if I can find it.

Take care and say hi to your hubby for me!

Oops, I read these but forgot to put the comments up here. I thought I'd done it, but I thought wrong. Sorry, folks.

Angie, it's great to hear from you. I hope things are going well these days. Do get ahold of the Southern Shore CD - the music is just the kind you like the most. Even if you can't find the CD in a local store, you can always order it from the link I gave in the entry (which is to Amazon) or from Fred's Records in St. John's.

I hope you make it to Newfoundland too. It's a wonderful place that's certainly won my heart. I'll pass along the hello, and I hope I hear more from you soon.

Carole, there were parts of the On The Rock shows that weren't what I expected, either - some in a good way, especially the lack of any going on and on about getting stereotypically shit-faced on George Street - though I rarely watch Canada AM so I wasn't sure quite how they usually do such location shoots. Morning shows in the States tend to be pretty lame as a general rule (and the spots with the weather guy/gal tend to be the lamest, for some reason) and I tend to avoid them for that reason; I don't know if that applies to Canada AM or not.

Overall, I thought what they did was interesting enough - though I did wish they'd spotlighted more local music, different kinds of local music too (Duane Andrews or Ron Hynes would have been great additions) - and have more to say about it when I get around to making the time to do so. Another one of those items that I'll catch up with eventually.

I hope you and your Dad had a great time shooting pool and apologies for making your GBS Father's Day wishes be late.

Alex, you are very welcome and I hope the same thing for the Irish Descendants. I'd love to see them doing well and being heard by people all over.

Again, sorry for the delay in posting these comments.

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