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10 June 2007


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Wow. That's all totally spectacular. I just want to keep on saying Wow.


Alwyas great to see pictures of the province that I hope to some day actually visit. I am headed to Halifax in July..almost, but not quite. Glad you're still writing..talk soon

Every last single one of those pictures is bee-yoo-ti-ful. Someday I have to get us all packed up and off on a long trip to Newfoundland. Does this mean we see the 10% of Alan that's above the surface?

If you're going to the U.K. for real and want some advice give me a holler. I lived there for almost a year not too terribly long ago.


"Wow" works perfectly well for me, Carole. I sure say it often enough myself when I behold those same gorgeous sights.

Hello, JoAnn. I'm glad you're still reading. I hope you get to come here soon because it is truly a good place to be, outer and inner beauties combined, outer and inner challenges as well. Halifax is a grand city too. I hope you have some time to explore while you're there.

Am I going to see you in TO for the GBS Grey Cup show come November?

Laura, if you come here to visit, you will never regret it. You might wind up falling in love and continuing to return, same as I have.

Yes, definitely true about Alan, and even more so for where he comes from. I think for the most part and with most people, the 10% of Newfoundland that rides above the surface is all that's likely to be seen, with many remaining oblivious (willfully so on both sides of the equation) to all the rest that is of such great worth. But some see clearly - and some want to be seen that way - getting the full view of that which is beautiful and compelling and so worth loving; still, it's wise to remember what happened to the Titanic and not throw all caution to the winds. Do as I say, not as I do, of course; what little caution I once possessed was surrendered to the prevailing wind quite some time ago. No regrets - plenty of bruises, but not a single, solitary regret.

Yes, for sure about the UK, barring unforeseen hindrances. We're still in the planning stages, but so far we're thinking of heading out a few days before the Loch Ness show (on the 12th of August, I believe - I'm coming back up here from seeing the first three August shows near you) to give us some time to see a bit of Scotland first...for sure Hadrian's Wall, which I have always wanted to see, and some of the surrounding environs of Inverness too. Probably even a Loch Ness boat tour; boat tours are always a hot commodity.

Then after the Loch Ness show and the absolutely ridiculous maneuvering it's going to take to get to the second show the next day (to try to get there, at least - we've decided it might turn out otherwise and could wind up being one of those travel adventures that are so much more fun to talk about later than to go through in the present, but we're giving it our best shot regardless), I think we're coming back up to London to see the Borderline show and go to the British Museum, where my biggest goal is to see the Rosetta Stone, and then Westminster Abbey, etc.

Then I think it's over to Denmark (barely, since it's right over the German border) for Tonder, where I sincerely hope it does not rain every frigging day like it did the last time we were there since camping in the chilly mud does tend to suck. Afer Tonder, the tentative plan is to come back down to England (though Prague is always tempting and Copenhagen is delightful) and go to Stonehenge and maybe see some of the southern coast and hopefully venture a bit into Wales before flying back to St. John's from Gatwick. (Non-AC too, since they've been such arseholes to Newfoundlanders with the UK flight.)

All this is negotiable should any more shows be added, though I kind of don't think they will be. I expected the London show, but depending on the Tonder schedule, it looks tight to add anything more before Tonder and my guess is they'll be heading straight back after Tonder. But I've guessed wrong plenty of times before, so who knows?

If any of that tentative itinerary jogs thoughts of things we absolutely should (or absolutely should not) do, please feel free to make suggestions, Laura. I've never been there before, so I am very open to advice.

*Note to "Seeker": For a long time now, I've had an ironclad rule against responding to or repeating most of the kinds of things you have written about in your comments here because the people who started those lies and the ones who carry them on don't really want anything more than to cause hurt and encourage hatred, as well as to feed their own self-delusions.

I get a lot of fake "innocent" questions posted here that are clearly more lame and boring attempts to do more of the same, so those get ignored too. Because some of the haters know I've got a soft spot for kids, they've sunk so low as to pretend to be kids at times in comments here. Lucky for me nearly all of them are such incompetently shitty writers that they always give themselves away.

For better or for worse - maybe you are who and what you say you are, or perhaps one among the obsessed shrews actually has a few genuine writing skills - what odds...I believe you enough to answer, sort of.

It is definitely true that there are some seriously disturbed people in the Great Big Sea fan group; chances are the same is true for many fan groups, true for any group of people, maybe, especially online. If you are the age you say you are, you need to be careful about who you listen to and are in contact with, especially when it comes to giving any person you don't know any personal information about yourself beyond your screen name. When things don't feel right to you or worry you or scare you or even just don't make sense to you, talk to your parents or some other grownup you can trust. You might be surprised how much that can help. I know I was always surprised by that when I was your age.

You have to make your own decisions about what you think about people. As a general rule, my advice is that you be wary of people who try to tell you what you should think about others, especially if they are telling you that you should hate somebody. As a general rule, people who can't stop going on about who they hate aren't the kind of people worth listening to or believing.

I know it's hard when you only know somebody from online, which isn't knowing them well at all, reallly, for all that people act like the dearest friends sometimes. They still don't really know each other in most cases. A lot of people aren't a bit like who they act like online when you meet them face to face in "Real Life". Trust me on that one because I've been through that a lot of times. Sometimes people turned out way nicer than I thought they'd be from how they were online; other times, people who acted nice turned out to be real jerks. Though a few did wind up being just as they seemed online, some for the better and others for the worse.

You asked a lot of questions, and as I said, they are not questions I usually answer. I won't put those questions up here - one thing I've learned indirectly from Russell Crowe is that whenever a lie is repeated, even as part of refuting that lie, all that happens is the lie gets spread around even more among those who want to believe the lie is true, while the people who already know you and believe in you don't need the denial in the first place, so next to nothing positive winds up being accomplished most of the time - but I will tell you that what you've been told took place never happened, nothing even remotely like that ever happened. It's a lie, a lie about more than just me, which makes it even uglier. So there's your answer, but at the end of the day, it's still going to come back to what and who you choose to believe, isn't it?

Sometimes people really believe what they say even though they are dead wrong - they got caught up in someone else's lie, or maybe they are simply mistaken. Some people don't want to bother making their own choices and decisions and let other people do that for them, so they go along with whatever the loudest person says is so. Or it might be that a person knows better but goes along with what some say in order get along them and to fit in with a group.

Other times, people make up and/or spread lies on purpose, sometimes just to hurt someone else and sometimes because they want to believe those lies themselves. For some people, the biggest lies are the ones they tell themselves, and all the other smaller lies they tell others are how they try to keep the Big Lie going in their own heads. I know that sounds nuts; it sounds nuts because it IS nuts. It's also way more common than I ever thought it might be.

I know it's hard to know for sure what's true sometimes or to understand why people do or think the things they do. Sometimes what people say and do don't make sense because the people themselves don't make sense. You have to make your own choices and decisions, and the best I can say in answer for that is that you need to trust your own heart and mind and judgement instead of letting others make up your mind for you and tell you what to think.

Last but not least, yes, I agree. Alan is really cute. And he's sweet too. You've got great taste in boys, Seeker.

Take care and stay in touch here as much as you want. If you want to talk by email, I can do that too.


ETA: I forgot to answer the other question. All you can do in life is be the best person you know how to be and learn from the times you mess up. Some people will see you for who you are and some won't. Some people won't because they can't and some won't because they choose not to for their own reasons. But the ones who matter will. If you're being yourself, the people who matter will see that, eventually if not sooner. What people choose to believe about each another is a really good way of realising which people are the ones who do matter.

Wild Horses couldn't keep me away. I think we need Guiness!

I know just the place downtown TO for the Guinness/Guinneae - several such places, in fact. As I recall, it's my turn to buy you a pint.

See you in November! Are you going to the game too?

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